Together as Salt and Light in the Algarve

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11th November, 2015

Through our ministry in reaching out to the homeless, drug addicts and prostitutes, we have been able to see some incredible changes, there have recently been 3 people admitted into rehab through the relationships we have with BETEL and many others we have been able to take off the streets into our Casa da Esperança  program.  Though we have seen some incredible success stories we also have seen some sad situations and others who will simply not receive the help.

We know that the investment is all worthwhile even for those who are finding it hard to receive, as we know that GOD is able to do all things, and we know that these anchor moments are there for a future appointment.  We are truly seeing peoples lives changing and we would like to ask for your prayerful support as we continue to minister to those who are in need of the love and support we are able to offer.  Please pray for wisdom, protection and provision for the ministry and for those who have bravely entered into Rehab.