Together as Salt and Light in the Algarve

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Portimão City Outreach

Portimão City Outreach 

With desire is to fulfill our mandate given by Jesus,  to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit 

We have been outreaching in this City for the past two years and witnessing the transforming power of the Gospel of grace.  With purposeful ministry in the lives of the homeless and those who have fallen on difficult times in conjunction with our GRACE ministries,we are able to meet the primary needs of those who are willing to receive and invest Kingdom values into their lives.  Re-homing those who have found themselves homeless and loving those who have only known rejection, there has now been a steady network of relationships built and now even more opportunity to share the Gospel of truth.  

With weekly discipleship investment,  relationships are extending to the group of ladies involved in prostitution. Knowing this is a dark environment spiritually, there is a prayer meeting solely for this outreach that takes place on Thursday mornings, in order to prepare spiritually & see the Holy Spirit lead.

Please pray for the team and the needs of this important ministry.